About China Compulsion Certification

In order to protect the consumers’ healthy and safety in China, and to protect the enviornment and national safety, Chinese government established China Compulsion Certification Program, called as CCC as well. Based on the laws and regulations, CCC has become a kind of product evaluation system, requiring the products conform to the relevant national standards and technical specifications. Since May 1st, 2002, by issuing the official documents of  “Compulsory product certification catalogue” and “Implementation rules for compulsory product certification”, China government urged to carry out the CCC throughout China, and the products listed on CCC catalogue are required to be conducted the testing and on-site factory inspection. The products listed on CCC catalogue are not permitted to be delieveried, sold, importted or used into other business activities without achieving CCC certificate issued by the approved certification body and attaching CCC label.
In 2004, with the No. 7 announcement issued by CNCA, CQM is to be assigned as the certification body for mandatory product. The undertaken CCC businesses are covered:
1. For solvent wood coatings products, included Nitrocellulose class varnish, Nitrocellulose class paint, Alcohol acids varnish, Alcohol acids paint, Polyurethane varnish and Polyurethane paint.
2. For ceramic tile products, included the ceramic tile used to building renovation with the average water absorption E≤0.5%.